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Submitted on
August 21, 2011


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Hello members~ That's right, it's time for another contest! 8D

Topic: Design our Icon!
Description: This group turned a year old on the 20th of this month, can you guys believe it? To celebrate this, we're holding a contest to design a new icon for the group!
Deadline:  September 20th (Just under a month)

:bulletred:You can enter this contest more than once.
:bulletorange: Please make sure your entries are 100x50. (Like this:…
:bulletred: You can make it of anything you like, as long as it relates to Inuyasha or Inuyasha OCs (This should be obvious).
:bulletorange: If it is animated, please make sure the file size is under 15kb, or we will not be able to use it!
:bulletred: Please submit your entries to the 'Contest Entries' folder.

On to the prizes!

1st Place:
- Your entry gets used as our new icon!
- 10 :points: donated by MonotoneJynx
- 1 Full body artwork (Cel/Soft Shaded, up to two characters) by MonotoneJynx
- 1 Full body chibi (Cel/Soft Shaded, one character) by MonotoneJynx

2nd Place:
- 5 :points: donated by MonotoneJynx
- 1 Half body artwork (up to two characters) by Ceisull
- 1 Full body chibi lineart by MonotoneJynx

3rd Place:
- 1 Full Body chibi sketch by MonotoneJynx
- 1 Half body sketch by :iconrazorflame45:

:bulletblack: If any of those make prizes are not happy with this arrangement, please just note me MonotoneJynx, and I will see what I can do about it. If you would like to donate a prize, please note me also with what you can do.

Currently our judges are:
:iconmonotonejynx::iconrazorflame45::iconceisull: (:iconkinuyara:?)

If I sent you a note about this contest before it was announced and you've changed your mind on judging or donating prizes, please let me know. Otherwise, the judging panel is closed, I'm sorry, as I am still awaiting a response from our founder on the judging panel.

Have fun everyone, I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
Oh yeah, the group's one year old -- PARTAY!!! :party: :iconyaaayplz:
An icon contest aye i only have 1 icon so far
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